Department Clinical Pharmacy

Head of department
Dr André Rieutord

+33 (0)1 42 11 48 07

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Department Clinical Pharmacy

Senior staff of the Clinical Pharmacy Department

  • Dr André Rieutord
    Head of department
  • Dr Sylvie DEMIRDJIAN
    Clinical trials and returns UF
  • Mireille KAIL
  • Dr Amélie GAUDIN
    Medical Devices and Traceability UF
  • Dr Florence NETZER
    Drugs UF 
  • Dr Romain DESMARIS
    Central Preparation of Chemotherapy UF
  • Prof. Angelo PACI
    SiPAM-Pharmacotechnie UF
  • Dr Hervé REMY
    Radiopharmacy UF
  • Nathalie PACITTO
    Manager of Department 
  • Philippe LAFORGUE
    Executive manager
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