Living Better with Cancer


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Living Better with Cancer

Personal help and support

“Living Better with Cancer” (Mieux Vivre le Cancer) is a programme of personal help and support which is additional to supportive care. It is there with you throughout your medical journey to help you cope better with your illness and improve your day-to-day quality of life during the treatment period.

The “Living Better with Cancer” programme provides a variety of activities grouped under the following themes:

  • Self-image and wellbeing
    Counselling on self-image, cosmetic care, make-up workshops, hair salon, relaxation therapy etc. Helping you to adapt to physical problems and changes resulting from the illness and its treatment.
  • Physical exercise
    Karate-Do, Qi Gong etc. Resuming or continuing the practice of physical exercise adjusted to your condition even when you are receiving treatment, and learning how to control periods of anxiety and stress.
  •  Art in the hospital
    Paint, concerts etc. Releasing or developing your creative and artistic abilities by participating in workshops or artistic activity.
  • Personal support for patients
    Help and bedside visits to the patient... For a time to talk or to relax.

These activities are free of charge (except for the hairdressing) and intended only for Gustave Roussy inpatients or those receiving treatment there, within the limits of the number of places available.