Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award 2022 for Laurence Zitvogel

Laurence Zitvogel, french oncologist at Gustave Roussy is receiving this year’s Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award for her pioneering research and passionate commitment to improving the quality of treatment and care for cancer patients.

Laurence Zitvogel

Internationally recognized for her major discoveries in the field of cancer microbiota, she is one of the women scientists who actively contribute to the advancement of cancer research, particularly in the fields of immunology and immunotherapy, by combining basic and translational research.

Laurence Zitvogel’s research about the gut microbiome is crucial in the efficacy of both chemotherapy and immunotherapy. By pointing out the key role of the immune system in anticancer therapy efficacy, future treatments can be better adapted to the individual patient.

The jury, chaired by Pancras Hogendoorn (Academy member and professor of pathology at Leiden University Medical Center), has deemed Laurence Zitvogel a laureate of the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award.

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