Projet BOOST-dataS

BiOlogical OSTeosarcoma data Sharing

BOOST-dataS project aims to build a French national database gathering clinical, biological, genomic and radiomic data produced from Osteosarcoma patients in order to facilitate their exploration by researchers and accelerate therapeutic innovation.

Co-supervised by Dr. Nathalie Gaspar (PhD) and Antonin Marchais (PhD) from Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, the BOOST-dataS project has been funded on January 2020 by Institut National du Cancer (INCa) within “Data Sharing in Pediatric Oncology“ Call and sponsored by the French INTERSARC network. Nine research teams will together build this database.

Accelerate innovation in Osteosarcoma research

Osteosarcoma is rare but the most common adolescents bone cancer. This disease is often fatal in patients with metastatic disease or when the first line treatment is a failure. For 40 years, none of the new treatments tested within a clinical trial have increased the life expectancy of these patients. To change this situation, we need to better understand how the tumor resists to treatment and / or progresses to metastatic disease. Osteosaroma cancer cells have a complex genetic profile that grant them the ability to adapt to their environment, which makes it difficult for researchers to identify cancer cells responsible for drug resistance and progression to metastatic disease.

BOOST-dataS project aim is to share data acquired during French therapeutic trials with national and international teams working on osteosarcoma. BOOST-dataS project proposes to pool and harmonize the data produced in the French trials, to collect them in a database, and to set up a national portal, accessible online. The database will combine data from several clinical trials at diagnosis and relapse, in a common space that guarantees the quality and security of the innovative clinical data and of the genomic, biological and imaging datas.

These data after anonymization / harmonization will be accessible through a series of web portals gathered in an ecosystem hosted on servers of the consortium. These portals will be accessible according to progressive security levels to researchers to limit the dissemination of sensitive data, while ensuring access to the greatest number. The public level, accessible to all, will participate to the outreaching of knowledge about Osteosarcoma and emulate the requests from research groups.

Implementation of a single national database, gathering relevant, innovative and harmonized data accessible to all researchers will:

  • Facilitate validation and correlation of preclinical discoveries with real patient datasets
  • Benefit to the planning of preclinical studies with characterized osteosarcoma mouse models
  • Help to adapt clinical follow-up
  • Accelerate discovery of new "tailor-made" therapies according to the disease characteristics and improve patient outcome.

Project supervisors

Dr Nathalie Gaspar and Antonin Marchais (Gustave Roussy)

Participating Teams

  • Team1 Gustave Roussy / UMR1015/ Unit 981
  • Team 2 Toulouse : CHU Toulouse/ UMR5502 / Imag'IN platform
  • Team 3 INSERM UMR1238 (Nantes)
  • Team 4 Centre Léon Berard (CLB) ; Institut d’Hématologie et Oncologie Pédiatrique (IHOPe) ; CRCL INSERM U1052 CNRS U5286 "Team mort cellulaire et cancers pédiatriques"
  • Team 5 Institut Curie ; Team Inserm RTOP "Recherche Translationelle en Oncologie Pédiatrique" de l’U830 Inserm
  • Team 6 UNICANCER
  • Team 7 Strasbourg CHU / CNRS7021
  • Team 8 CRBM, Team "Adhesion and vesicular trafficking in cellular invasion"
  • Team 9 Centre Oscar Lambret (COL)/Lille/Laboratoire CRIStAL UMR 9189





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