French and American experts share their knowledge on latest advances and perspectives in Immuno-Oncology

Save the date : Friday the 13th of May 2:30 pm (CEST) for the first online conference dedicated to immuno-oncology set up between the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Gustave Roussy/Paris-Saclay University. Medscape platform will broadcast this unique virtual event supported by the Institut Servier. Program and free registration on : https://na.eventscloud.com/website/38351/

The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, American center ranked #3 world’s best oncology hospital according to Newsweek Magazine, and Gustave Roussy, leading cancer center in Europe, share the same ambitions: Improve knowledge in both research and care to offer the best treatment to their patients and anticipate the awareness evolution about cancer.   

Experts sharing a Master class 

To attend this first online high level conference dedicated to the latest savoir  in immuno-oncology’s clinical research join the platform at 8:30 am EST / 2:30 pm CEST Friday the 13th of May 2022. This Premiere will be live from Boston, Massachussetts (United-States). The two Chairmen of the conference, Pr Toni Choueri, MD, Director of the Lank Center for Genitourinary (GU) Oncology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Pr Fabrice Barlesi, Gustave Roussy’s CEO, will open the meeting. Professor William G. Kaelin, 2019 Nobel in Physiology and Medicine will give the keynote address. It will be followed by 12 sessions in which several internationally renowned experts will present and share the results of their work.

A very broad spectrum of recent advances in immuno-oncology will be covered : 
VHL Tumor Suppressor Gene, Microbiota-Centered Interventions, CAR T Cell Therapy.... 
The conference will be moderated by Pr Fabrice André, Gustave Roussy’s Director of Research, Pr Guido Kroemer, Gustave Roussy, and Pr Kai Wucherpfenning, Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Each 30 minutes’s presentation will be followed by some Q&A time for. 

“The Transatlantic-Exchanges in Immuno-Oncology” will also mark the launch of the annual ”Dana-Farber / Gustave Roussy Days in Oncology“ meetings, a new conference cycle initiated by both the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Gustave Roussy and l’Institut Servier.

Registration is free and open to everyone.

Online registration and program: https://na.eventscloud.com/website/38351/