21 october 2021

Gustave Roussy and LXRepair announce a partnership for personalized radiotherapy of cancer

PLXRepair, a pioneer in personalized radiotherapy with functional assays measuring DNA repair to predict treatment response, with a clinical proof-of-concept of radiotoxicity prediction in breast and prostate cancer, and Gustave Roussy, Europe's leading cancer center, announced today the launch of a joint laboratory to improve the personalization of radiotherapy.

  • This joint laboratory, named RADIO CARE, is recipient of the LABCOM program from the French National Research Agency (ANR).
  • The goal of the RADIO CARE laboratory is to leverage on LXRepair’s technologies to:
    • develop clinical proof of concept and products in new indications using radiotherapy
    • extend the test to tumor response prediction and chemotherapy.

Gustave Roussy and LXRepair are joining forces to set up the RADIO CARE laboratory. This partnership is built on two driving forces: the cancer radiotherapy expertise of Gustave Roussy and the DNA repair assay platform developed by LXRepair.

Radiotherapy, which is the second most frequent curative treatment after surgery, has gained a high level of precision from a technological side, but is lagging in terms of personalization of the treatment. Indeed, individual hypersensitivity which can be associated with severe toxicities detrimental to the patient, is not currently assessed due to the lack of relevant and easy-to-use assays in a clinical setting. This partnership with LXRepair is key to exploit the results of our translational research in radiotherapy and ultimately improve patient care with predictive diagnostic assays”, explains Prof. Eric Deutsch, radiation oncologist and head of the Department of Radiotherapy at Gustave Roussy, head of the Inserm 1030 joint research unit and professor of oncology-radiotherapy at the Université Paris-Saclay.

Making our assays available to oncologists for the global monitoring of a set of enzymatic biomarkers of DNA repair from a blood sample meets an important medical need. The result of our proprietary assays is a functional signature that predicts the efficacy or toxicity of a treatment. We have reached a turning point in the quest of radiotherapy personalization and this collaboration with Prof. Eric Deutsch highlights the high expectations in the clinic. RADIO CARE is a unique opportunity to accelerate the shift to personalized radiotherapy and is a great honour”, adds Sylvie Sauvaigo, PhD, president and chief scientific officer of LXRepair.

« This partnership is a strategic alliance between Gustave Roussy and LXRepair to address a real medical need. For LXRepair, it is a new step towards the adoption of our technology by oncologists and the validation of clinical biomarkers, beyond the breast and prostate cancer indications which are already in the clinical validation phase, and for which the launch of the Safer RAD-LX kit is planned for 2024 », concludes Stéphane Altaba, chief executive officer of LXRepair

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