Gustave Roussy to host its first ESMO Fellowship Awardee

Gustave Roussy will host its first ESMO European Integration Fellowship Awardee, who will be trained by Dr. Alexandra Leary in the Gynecological Department.

Dr. Milan Paul Kubelac from Romania is the first to organize his traineeship, and selected Gustave Roussy as his first choice. He is interested in gynecological oncology with a focus on ovarian cancer that is resistant to standard platinum-based therapy.

The ESMO European Integration Fellowship is a pilot program that was launched in 2016 to allow oncologists from lower and middle-income countries to gain first-hand experience at a leading European Cancer Center. The six-week specialized training program is being adapted by Drs. Alexandra Leary, Suzette Delaloge, and colleagues to match Dr. Kubelac’s needs.

Both Gustave Roussy and Dr. Kubelac will receive financial support from ESMO to cover costs of the six-week training to begin in June 2017.

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