Health democracy

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Health democracy

As a public health player, Gustave Roussy attaches great importance to health democracy. This term covers patients' rights and the desire to involve all players in the healthcare system in the development and implementation of healthcare policies. In line with one of the recommendations of the French National Authority for Health (HAS), which aims to support and encourage the involvement of patients in the world of healthcare, Gustave Roussy has been working for several years to encourage the creation of spaces and bodies for the involvement of patients and their carers. Patients' Committee, Children's Council, Patient Experience Collective... There are many ways in which people treated at the Institute can make their voices heard.

What does it mean for patients to get involved?

Patient care at Gustave Roussy puts patients at the centre of the process. Patients are involved in the health decisions that concern them, whether in terms of prevention, diagnosis or medical procedures.

In practical terms, this involvement can take many forms:

  • Rereading information documents;
  • Giving your opinion in a questionnaire;
  • Participating in a therapeutic education programme;
  • Developing relations between healthcare professionals and patients;
  • Becoming expert patients through training courses;
  • etc.

Patients as players in their own health

In addition to the involvement of patients through patient associations, which are recognised as healthcare players in the provision of care, everyone has the opportunity to get involved at an individual level.

  • Patient Experience Collective
  • Patient Committee
  • Children's Council
  • Ethics Committee
  • User Relations Committee



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