Molecular biopathology

Dr. Ludovic Lacroix

Stéphanie Quimbert
Tel. : +33 (0)1 42 11 56 30

Molecular Medecine Building

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Molecular biopathology

Molecular biopathology section

The Molecular biopathology section belongs to the Translational Research platform 

This section of the Translational Research Laboratory performs molecular assays (sequencing of more than 350 targets, PCR, qPCR, NGS etc.) in the context of clinical trials or research studies. This section is also involved in testing for mutations in the context of the Gustave Roussy Personalised Medicine programme.

The skill base of the section has been broadened by developing a team to research knowledge transfer in Haematology.
The nature of blood diseases has led to the development of methods of cell selection designed to isolate sub-populations from tumour samples.

In 2012 the laboratory established a new generation IonTorrent® approach to sequencing, which now has applications in all of the projects involving molecular biology assays.

  • Analysis of samples required for the inclusion of patients in therapeutic trials (targeted analysis),
  • Ancillary study and translational research project in academic or commercial collaboration (s-Hemo project with sequencing study in the chronic hematological malignancies),
  • Mutation studies in Personalised Medicine programmes (MSN, MOSCATO, MSN, SAFIR [trial of personalised treatment in breast cancer]…),
  • Development of high-throughput sequencing analysis in clinical research studies (IonTorrent®/PGM®)
  • R&D work focusing on the detection of mutations in circulating tumour DNA.
  • Introduction of work with Affymetrix® DNA gene chips (SNP array…)

The laboratory has carried ISO9001 certification since 1st July 2014


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