Sarcoma surgery at Gustave Roussy

3 questions to Dr Charles Honoré, head of sarcoma surgery at Gustave Roussy

What are the features of sarcoma surgery? 

These rare malignant tumours develop from connective and support tissues. Each year they affect more than 4,000 people in France. Their locations are extremely varied and more than 50 different sub-types exist, capable of appearing at any age, including in children. In general, this disease is poorly understood though it requires very specific management, notably surgical, in which practitioner expertise is essential.   

Gustave Roussy is one of three expert coordinating centres at the national level for sarcomas. What does this mean?

We are the institution which treats the most patients. We have a team of specialists, all experts in this field. In the case of certain tumour locations, we maintain a close collaboration with our partners at the Bicêtre CHU and at the Marie-Lannelongue du Plessis-Robinson medico-surgical Centre. Moreover, we provide consultative assistance to all our colleagues in order to assure patients of the best possible management, wherever they may be.

What are the prospects regarding your activities?

Our surgical projects pursue three main lines: research, both clinical and fundamental, with several projects involving rare complex tumours; training which, in the field of sarcomas, is still in its infancy in France; and patient care, with notably the development of a “day centre” as well as early rehabilitation programmes and mini-invasive robotic surgery for certain selected indications.