The School of Cancer Sciences

Prof. Pierre Blanchard

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Antoine Crouan

Sabine Andrieux
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The School of Cancer Sciences

The School of Cancer Sciences

Ecole des Sciences du Cancer

The School of Cancer Sciences was founded jointly by Gustave Roussy and the Faculty of Medicine - Paris-Saclay University. It is a professional training establishment which is unique in France.

The members of the high-level teaching body of this multidisciplinary school are practicing physicians and scientists in the leading Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Europe and in one of the top French Universities. They belong to Training and Research Units (UFRs) specialising in Medicine, Pharmacy, the Sciences and Law-Economics-Management.

Training in new roles in oncology

This teaching unit trains French and foreign students who are doctors, pharmacists and nurses, patient support staff, and research scientists. They follow university diploma courses or gain non-diploma qualifications. There is also a Doctoral School of Oncology, established in collaboration with the Paris-Saclay University.

These training programmes cover all fields of oncology from fundamental research to clinical practice including education in the support of cancer patients as defined in the Cancer Plan.

Teaching also focuses on the new roles which are required for the development of individualised patient care, based on molecular biology, tumor immunology and the oncology of the future. New courses such as the University Diploma in Individualised Medicine in Oncology testify to the school’s intentions in this area. 

Innovatory teaching

In the light of unprecedented advances in therapy, the School of Cancer Sciences is committed to a modern teaching model, which, in particular, is based on visual aids, digital technology and participation. It is thus engaged in:

  • teaching of theory in the presence of a teacher or by e-learning
  • practical teaching (immersion in clinical departments and laboratories, on-line surgical seminars etc.) 
  • a participatory approach to education with teacher/student design of teaching sessions, collaborative assessments etc. (d-school)


Key figures

The School of Cancer Sciences:

  • 40,000 hours per year devoted to teaching, of which 5,000 hours are at university level
  • 26 university teachers
  • 240 practising doctors and non-practising professionals involved in teaching at Gustave Roussy
  • 2,500 students trained

Teaching: in the culture of Gustave Roussy

Teaching is one of the three roles of Gustave Roussy (patient care, research and training). Knowledge-sharing and training are deeply embedded in the culture of this Cancer Institute, which a long history of multidisciplinary teaching and practice of oncology.  It also plays a full role within the Medical Faculty of Paris-Sud University. 


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