April 2017

When meals make the daily lives of patients easier

The hospital environment combines excellence of care, rigorous hygiene and diversity in terms of the length of patient stays and variety of pathologies. In this environment, there has been a global raising of awareness to the role catering has to play in patient recovery and the fact that meal and snack times are sources of well-being for patients and their visitors.

This is something which Gustave Roussy, Elior and Alexandre Bourdasholds very dear. As such, they joined forces to create a customized catering solution for cancer patients that puts pleasure at the heart of the eating experience. Gustave Roussy, premier European Cancer Center, called on Elior, leader in contract catering in France, to lend its catering expertise and meet the needs and expectations of the hospital’s patients. It became apparent that SaQuaNa** chef, Alexandre Bourdas was the obvious choice to join the team. Renowned for his simple and tasty cuisine, the Chef has created a collection of recipes specially designed to help patients rediscover the pleasure of eating.

The encounter of these players coming from three different worlds enabled the creation of a tasty catering offering adapted to meet the needs of cancer patients. Menus designed to take account of the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy are proposed to all adult patients.

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