Apply for the "Course of Excellence in Oncology - Fondation Philanthropia"

Gustave Roussy, the leading comprehensive cancer centre in Europe, is now recruiting for its 5th round for  the "Course of Excellence in Oncology - Fondation Philanthropia". Doctors, pharmacists and engineers from France and from all over the world who have a Masters degree or equivalent are invited to participate in an unprecedented drive for progress in tackling cancer. This year, 4 high-potential candidates will be chosen to undertake their doctorate degree in a state-of-the-art laboratory at Gustave Roussy, at the heart of France’s Grand Paris.

Established with the support of the Fondation Philanthropia within the School of Cancer Sciences (Gustave Roussy/University Paris-Sud), this programme invests in oncology training for the upcoming generation, which is an essential condition for ensuring the constant renewal of innovations, in both research and care, to push back cancer.

The "Course of Excellence in Oncology – Fondation Philanthropia" at Gustave Roussy is a 3 year course offering made-to-measure training in research every year in one of the most advanced oncology research laboratories in the world. The Course of Excellence in Oncology has already hosted 14 promising and talented researchers for their doctorate degree.

Strong scientific mentoring  

Successful candidates will join a team of researchers from Gustave Roussy to undertake their doctorate in those fields where treatment of cancer is being revolutionised, such as immunotherapy, molecular medicine and DNA repair. They will be at the heart of an integrated research centre that incorporates fundamental, translational and clinical research.

Each young researcher will be inspired by a strong, ambitious team spirit, and will be supervised and mentored by some of the top names in research, in addition to benefitting from potential collaboration with other international centres of excellence. He/she will be paid over the three-year period of the research contract at a rate of around 2,300 euros per month net, with health insurance included.

Applications are now open