Villejuif,  29 may 2019

Gustave Roussy presentations at ASCO 2019

As every year for almost 55 years, the world’s leading cancer experts will meet in Chicago to talk about the latest advances in clinical oncology at the international meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Naturally, Gustave Roussy will be one of the best represented institutions at this conference.

Apart from communication with their peers from around the world with the mutual benefits that represents, Gustave Roussy specialists will be participating in a total of 80 presentations (19 oral, 19 poster-discussions and 42 posters) chosen by the ASCO scientific committee. Two doctors from the Institute will also be discussants: Dr Yohann Loriot on genito-urinary cancers and Professor Benjamin Besse on lung cancers.

At this 55th annual meeting of the largest world oncology congress, Gustave Roussy will demonstrate its leading role in developing treatments such as immunotherapy and targeted therapy which are changing practice and transforming patient management. Patient quality of life during and after the experience of cancer remains an important and constant concern and is benefiting from the development of new technologies in that field.

Gustave Roussy at ASCO 2019: highlights

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