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Prof. Daniel Gautheret

Marc Deloger

Molecular Medecine Building

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Bioinformatics platform

Bioinformatics platform activities

This platforms belongs to the integrated biology platform 

The Gustave Roussy Bioinformatics unit was set up in January 2012 to respond to the needs of the Institute’s research teams. It provides various services ranging from the analysis of genomic data to the development of projects in the bioinformatic field.

The Unit also has a collaborative role in the Institute’s development strategy. This involves links with existing departments (Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology and the Department of Integrated Biology) and with specialists in bioinformatics working within the Gustave Roussy research teams. It is also playing a part nationally through its registration in the RéNaBi (National network of bioinformation departments), through APLIBIO (8 Bioinformatic Units in the Paris area) and via the establishment of partnerships with Paris-Sud University.

We engage both with biological scientists and bioinformatics specialists to address immediate specific requirements or more long-term projects:

Molecular biology testing

We are involved in the elaboration of experimental systems (microarrays, exon capture) and in analysis of genomic data in collaboration with the Institute’s Genome Unit (Agilent®, Ion Torrent® etc.). We also analyse data from outside the Unit (Affymetrix® microarrays, NGS [next generation sequencing] data etc.). We are currently equipped to detect mutations (CNV [copy number variation], SNP [single-nucleotide polymorphism] and small size InDel [insertion and deletion]) using every type of methodology (Ion Torrent®, Illumina®)

Advice / Support

Preparation of specifications for research projects with a “bioinformatic” component: definition of such projects, definition of the skills required, preparation of the task files, recruitment of bioinformatic staff and estimate of overall cost. The Unit can act as a partner on the project or as a service provider.


Organisation of specific training on your premises (use of software, explanation of bioinformatic techniques, statistics).


Development of pipelining: analysis of data from Affymetrix® Gene Expression, analysis of CGH (comparative genomic hybridisation)-array data, analysis of whole genome sequencing data, RNA-seq, Chip (chromatin immunoprecipitation)-seq.

Service provision

Please send your request by e-mail to describing your project in detail.

We shall acknowledge receipt of your request and contact you thereafter in order that we can work together to define the specifications of our provision.

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