Bioinformatics core facility


Marc Deloger

Molecular Medecine Building

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Bioinformatics core facility

Bioinformatics core facility - Activities

  • Analysis of (epi)genomic / transcriptomic sequencing data (WGS / WES / TGS, RNA-seq, ChIP / ATAC-seq, Single-Cell, Long Reads)
  • Data management (recovery, centralization, organization, labeling, provision / sharing)
  • Support to bioinformaticians, biologists, and clinicians from Gustave Roussy
  • Publication assistance (material and methods, figures, deposit of data on public databases such as GEO / SRA / EGA / dbGAP)
  • Co-supervision of junior bioinformaticians (trainees, PhD students…)
  • Dissemination of knowledge and skills for all audiences (internal teaching sessions, national training, massive open online course)


  • Calculation cluster (1500 CPUs, 9 GPUs, 5To RAM, 2Po storage)


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