Department Medical Oncology

Head of department
Dr. Laurence Albiges

+33 (0)1 42 11 43 17

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Department Medical Oncology

Head of department

Dr Laurence Albiges

Deputy Head of department

Dr Alexandra Leary

Heads of Units

  • Professor Karim FIZAZI
    Head of the Gard Inpatient Unit
  • Professor Michel DUCREUX
    Head of the Finistère Inpatient Unit
  • Dr Sarah DUMONT
    Head of the Hérault Medical Oncology Unit
  • Dr Pernelle LAVAUD
    Head of Ambulatory care Unit
  • Dr Maxime FRELAUT
    Head of the Vaucluse Inpatient Unit
  • Dr Pascal BURTIN
    Head of the Endoscopy Unit
  • Dr Suzette DELALOGE
    Head of the Breast cancer Unit

Chairs of Committees

  • Dr David PLANCHARD
    Chair of Thoracic Oncology Committee
  • Dr Olivier CARON
    Chair of Oncogenetics Committee
  • Dr Barbara PISTILLI
    Chair of Breast Disease Committee
  • Pr Karim FIZAZI
    Chair of Genitourinary Oncology Committee
  • Dr Patricia PAUTIER
    Chair of Gynaecological Oncology Committee
  • Prof. Michel DUCREUX
    Chair of Digestive Tract Oncology Committee
  • Dr Caroline ROBERT
    Chair of Skin Oncology Committee
  • Dr Frédéric DHERMAIN
    Chair of Neurology Commitee
  • Dr Charles HONORE
    Chair of Sarcoma Commitee


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