Department Medical Oncology

Head of department
Prof. Benjamin Besse

+33 (0)1 42 11 43 17

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Department Medical Oncology

Heads of Units

  • Professor Benjamin BESSE
    Head of the Medical Oncology Department
  • Professor Karim FIZAZI
    Head of the Gard Inpatient Unit
  • Professor Michel DUCREUX
    Head of the Finistère and Loiret Inpatient Unit
  • Dr Stéphane De BOTTON
    Head of the Haematology Department Head of the Paris Inpatient Unit
  • Dr Axel Le CESNE
    Head of the Hérault Medical Oncology Unit Chairman of the Sarcoma and Mesenchymal Tumour Committee
  • Dr Patricia PAUTIER
    Head of the Medical Day Hospital Unit
  • Dr Vincent RIBRAG
    Head of the Suzanne Axel Unit Chairman of the Haematology Committee

Chairs of Committees

  • Pr Benjamin BESSE
    Chair of Thoracic Oncology Committee
  • Dr Olivier CARON
    Chair of Oncogenetics Committee
  • Dr Suzette DELALOGE
    Chair of Breast Disease Committee
  • Dr Bernard ESCUDIER
    Chair of Genitourinary Oncology Committee
  • Dr Catherine LHOMME
    Chair of Gynaecological Oncology Committee
  • Dr David MALKA
    Chair of Digestive Tract Oncology Committee
  • Dr Caroline ROBERT
    Chair of Skin Oncology Committee

Other departmental senior staff

  • Dr Valérie LAPIERRE
    Head of Cell Therapy Centre
  • Fatima BELAL
    Care Coordinator
  • Christine PROUST
    Manager of Medical Secretaries
  • Marie-Alix TEILLOT
    Executive Manager
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