Governance of
Gustave Roussy

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Governance of<br>Gustave Roussy

Composition of the Board of directors

30 march 2020

Appointed members

  • Chairman, Prefect of the Ile-de-France region, Prefect of Paris
    M. Michel CADOT
  • Deputy Chairman of the Val-de-Marne department council
    Ms. Flore MUNCK
  • Member of the Paris council
    M. David BELLIARD
  • Dean of the Faculty of medicine
    Pr. Didier SAMUEL
  • Representative of the Ministry of Research, qualified individual
  • Representative of the Institut National Du Cancer
    M. Alain EYCHENE
  • Representative of Inserm, qualified individual
    Ms. Claire GIRY
  • Representative of Paris Public Hospitals
    M. Martin HIRSH, represented by the Dr. Gilles GALULA
  • Member of the Ile-de-France Economic and social council
    M. Eric BERGER

Qualified individuals

  • M. Jean-Claude BOUCHERAT
  • M. Jean-Claude LABRUNE
  • Ms. Annie PODEUR

Users’s representatives

  • Ms. Catherine VERGELY
  • M. le Dr. Michel MARTIN

Members of the medical staff

  • Dr. François BIDAULT
  • Dr. Valérie LAPIERRE

Members of the Works council 

  • Mme Natacha NABAL
  • Mme France NGUYEN

Members with consultative vote

  • Prefect of the Val-de-Marne Department
    M. Raymond LE DEUN
    represented by the Deputy Prefect of L’Hay-les-Roses
    Ms. Martine LAQUIEZE
  • General Director of Gustave Roussy
    Pr. Jean-Charles SORIA
  • Director of the Regional Health Agency
    M. Aurélien ROUSSEAU
  • Director of the Val-de-Marne departmental delegation
    M. Eric VECHARD

Invited Members

  • M. Jean-Pierre BURNIER, CRSA Chairman
  • M. Nicolas SORNIN-PETIT, Regional Prefect collaborator