Villejuif, 12nd february 2019.

Gustave Roussy and the Institut Bergonié, partners for early phase trials and therapeutic innovation in oncology

  • Collaboration will benefit patients through innovations that improve both hospital’s capabilities in early phase clinical trials, immune-oncology and translational research
  • Agreement guarantee to industrial sponsors the highest level of quality standards for the conduction of oncology early phase trials

Gustave Roussy and Institut Bergonié have signed an agreement intended to widen the range of therapeutic innovation for cancer patients and to increase even more their accrual capacity and their quality standards in the conduction of early phase trials. The two institutions thus formalize cooperation and partnership axes allowing the development of knowledge in oncology in the context of early phase clinical research, immuno-oncology as well as in strategic therapeutic areas such as thoracic cancers and rare tumors.

Among the strategic objectives of the partnership agreement:

  • The development of clinical research - in particular early phase trials, in order to offer patients the widest possible portfolio of innovative therapeutics while guaranteeing industrial promoters a simplified procedure for signing agreements, a broad potential for inclusion and the best data quality standards
  • The development of precision medicine through common molecular tumor boards   by developing the portfolio of clinical trials guided by the genomic and immunological profiling of tumors
  • Translational research: essential bridge between basic research and clinical research to accelerate innovation for the benefit of patients, particularly in the field of immuno-oncology (mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance) but also rare tumors with the use of tools focusing on artificial intelligence

"On behalf of the Institut Bergonié, I am particularly proud of the formalization of this long-standing collaboration between Institut Bergonié and Gustave Roussy.
This partnership will lead to the constitution of a major strategic axis that will make the Institut Bergonié-Gustave Roussy pole, a European model of innovation in oncology and early phase trials."

Pr François-Xavier Mahon, general director of Institut Bergonié
“This collaboration between our two institutes is patient-focused and aims, thanks to a synergy between our clinical research teams to facilitate access of our patients to innovative therapies. It is a concrete and structural response to the need to bring together our scientific and medical forces to address the problems that pose cancer."
Pr Alexander Eggermont, General Director of Gustave Roussy
“I am glad to announce our latest partnership with Gustave Roussy. This agreement will increase the capacity of our both institutions to implement early phase clinical trials through a fast track process allowing contract signatures within an unprecedented short time and with an ultimate goal of making sure the accrual target and the data collected meets the highest quality, integrity and reliability standards to industrial sponsors.”
Pr Antoine ITALIANO, Head of Early Phase Trials Unit, Institut Bergonié

“The agreement between Institut Bergonié and Gustave Roussy allows us to create an unique network of expertise in France the field of oncology early-phase clinical studies, precision medicine and immunotherapy. This allows us to increase access to early phase trials for cancer patients"
Dr Christophe MASSARD, Head of DITEP


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