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Research Governance

Scientific Integrity

Scientific integrity is a fundamental value whose defense requires vigilance and requirement from all the actors in research.

The stakes are high:

  • contributing to knowledge
  • providing public confidence in science

Integrity and honesty are requirements applicable to all scientific research.

Gustave Roussy has thus subscribed to the national charter of scientific integrity proposed on June 29, 2016 by Professor Pierre Corvol to Mr. Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research.

Professor Jean Feunteun is a "Delegate for Scientific Integrity" to the research department of Gustave Roussy. It ensures the awareness of researchers and students to the notion of scientific integrity and he takes into consideration any file questioning the integrity of the research carried out in the Institute.

Extract from the Assessment and Proposals for the Implementation of the National Charter of Scientific Integrity (2016)

"Scientific integrity is the truthful and honest conduct which must govern all research (..)  since knowledge is based on it. Scientific integrity is not a matter of morality, but is based on universal moral principles according to which it is wrong to lie, to steal ... The quality and reliability of scientific production depend on it, and it is on this basis that the knowledge is founded , in a word, "believe in science." As much as ethical questions are debated, scientific integrity cannot be discussed. Scientific integrity is self-respect, it is a code of professional conduct that should not be violated. It imposes in science, as ethic codes impose for medical doctors and lawyers. "


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