Head of the lab
Vincent Lebon

Assistant directors
Nathalie Lassau, Sébastien Jan

Administrative manager
Albine Pinseel
Tel. +33 (0)1 69 15 79 65

Paris-Sud Orsay, Bâtiment 220

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BIOMAPS is a CNRS – Gustave Roussy – University of Paris-South Mixed Research Unit

This research unit is located on three sites:

  • University of Paris South 
  • Gustave Roussy, Team 5 EIR4M
  • Bicêtre Hospital, CIERM

IR4M is a multidisciplinary research unit composed of teams coming from the varied disciplines of physics, biology, chemistry and medicine. It combines advanced research work on MRI in all its medical applications with research in multimodality imaging, initially focused on oncology (formerly Gustave Roussy team EA4040).

The areas which the unit addresses are: 

  • methodological and instrumental development of MRI (near-field electromagnetic modelling, receiver technology, quantitative contrast tools and hyperpolarised helium-3 MRI)
  • characterisation of bone and joint, lung parenchyma and tumour tissue, based on the relationship of NMR parameters to microstructures
  • functional imaging of lung, cardiovascular system and kidney
  • MRI of brain and muscle metabolism, molecular markers and therapeutic vectorisation 
  • development of ultrasound and optical apparatus combined with MRI to characterise the tumour microenvironment with a view to clinical applications 

See the Imaging in oncology Group

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