UMR 1030

Molecular Radiotherapy and Therapeutic Innovation

Heads of the lab
Eric Deutsch
Jean-Luc Perfettini

Nathalie Viola
Tel. : +33 (0)1 42 11 52 96

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UMR 1030

UMR 1030 - Molecular Radiotherapy and Therapeutic Innovation

Our research unit develops integrated research in Radio-Immuno-Oncology, ranging from basic research to clinical research, with the objective of better understanding and treating cancers through the development and dissemination of new technologies such as new cancer vaccine approaches, or nano-medicine approaches to increase the effectiveness of radiotherapy and immunotherapy, and clinical data and imaging analysis with the help of artificial intelligence (collaboration with CentraleSupelec) to personalize treatments. Our efforts are also focused on innovation in human health, resulting in the creation of a start-up company, Findimmune, industrial contracts with private companies, the development of new public and private research partnerships (including the creation of Joint Laboratories in nano-medicine and artificial intelligence) and the production and transfer of new data in the context of innovative clinical studies.

Our unit is composed of 2 groups:

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