UMR 1030

UMR 1030 Molecular Radiotherapy

Prof. Eric Deutsch
Dr. Jean-Luc Perfettini

Secretariat :
Nathalie Viola
Tel. : +33 (0)1 42 11 52 96

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UMR 1030

Molecular radiotherapy unit

The Molecular Radiotherapy unit is an Inserm, Gustave Roussy and Paris-Saclay University Mixed Research Unit. Its research efforts are focused on the response to ionising radiation in 5 areas:    

  • cell death. Work on this is coordinated within the «Cell death and senescence» group directed by Dr. Jean-Luc Perfettini
  • inflammation and the immune response
  • the tumour micro-environment
  • pharmacomodulation and technological innovation
  • translational research

The unit  consists of two groups:

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