Cell death, Immunity and Therapeutic Innovation

Group leader
Jean-Luc Perfettini

Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 11 52 96


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Cell death, Immunity and Therapeutic Innovation

Cell death, Immunity and Therapeutic Innovation

This group belongs to the UMR 1030 - Molecular radiotherapy and therapeutic innovations

Research topics

With the ambition of optimizing the efficacy of anticancer treatments (in particular radiotherapy), we are developing a research program that aims at identifying and characterizing the mechanisms of anticancer response at genetic, metabolic as well as immunological levels.

Our research program’s main objectives are (i) to pursue the molecular and cellular characterization of anticancer treatment-induced cell death and senescence modalities, (ii) to decipher immune resistance mechanisms associated with the metabolic reprogramming of cancer, stromal and immune cells, (iii) to use innovative preclinical murine models and human biopsies, for biomarker identification and the development of innovative anticancer immunotherapeutic tools and strategies (including nanomedicine and cell therapy) and finally, (iv) also determine the impact of these discoveries on others diseases associated with immune system dysregulation (such as viral infections, inflammatory or neurodegenerative diseases e.g. AIDS and COVID-19).


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