Oncogenesis and tumour progression of melanoma

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Prof. Mehdi Khaled
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Bâtiment de médecine moléculaire, Level 2,
Room 236


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Oncogenesis and tumour progression of melanoma

Major publications

  • Golan, T., Parikh, R., Jacob, E., Vaknine, H., Zemser-Werner, V., Hershkovitz, D., Malcov, H., Leibou, S., Reichman, H., Sheinboim, D., Percik, R., Amar, S., Brenner, R., Greenberger, S., Kung, A., Khaled, M., and Levy, C. (2019) Adipocytes sensitize melanoma cells to environmental TGF-beta cues by repressing the expression of miR-211. Sci Signal 12
  • Nordlinger, A. *, Dror, S. *, Elkahloun, A., Del Rio, J., Stubbs, E., Golan, T., Malcov, H., Pricket, T. D., Cronin, J. C., Parikh, S., Labes, S., Thomas, L., Yankovitz, G., Tabach, Y., Levy, C., Samuels, Y., and Khaled, M. (2018) Mutated MITF-E87R in Melanoma Enhances Tumor Progression via S100A4. J Invest Dermatol 138, 2216-2223
    Co-first author author
  • Malcov-Brog, H., Alpert, A., Golan, T., Parikh, S., Nordlinger, A., Netti, F., Sheinboim, D., Dror, I., Thomas, L., Cosson, C., Gonen, P., Stanevsky, Y., Brenner, R., Perluk, T., Frand, J., Elgavish, S., Nevo, Y., Rahat, D., Tabach, Y., Shen-Orr, S. S.*, Levy, C* and Khaled, M.*. (2018) UV-Protection Timer Controls Linkage between Stress and Pigmentation Skin Protection Systems. Mol Cell 72, 444-456 e447
    Co-last author and co-corresponding author
  • Thirant, C., Ignacimouttou, C., Lopez, C. K., Diop, M., Le Mouel, L., Thiollier, C., Siret, A., Dessen, P., Aid, Z., Riviere, J., Rameau, P., Lefebvre, C. L., Khaled, M., Leverger, G., Ballerini, P., Petit, A., Raslova, H., Carmichael, C. L., Kile, B. T., Soler, E., Crispino, J. D., Wichmann, C., Pflumio, F., Schwaller, J. U., Vainchenker, W., Lobry, C., Droin, N., Bernard, O. A., Malinge, S., and Mercher, T. (2017) ETO2-GLIS2 Hijacks Transcriptional Complexes to Drive Cellular Identity and Self-Renewal in Pediatric Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia. Cancer Cell 31, 452-465
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  • Ly, N., Elkhatib, N., Bresteau, E., Pietrement, O., Khaled, M., Magiera, M. M., Janke, C., Le Cam, E., Rutenberg, A. D., and Montagnac, G. (2016) alpha TAT1 controls longitudinal spreading of acetylation marks from open microtubules extremities. Scientific Reports 6, 10
  • Levin, L., Srour, S., Gartner, J., Kapitansky, O., Qutob, N., Dror, S., Golan, T., Dayan, R., Brener, R., Ziv, T., Khaled, M., Schueler-Furman, O., Samuels, Y., and Levy, C. (2016) Parkin Somatic Mutations Link Melanoma and Parkinson's Disease. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 43, 369-379
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  • Levy, C., and Khaled, M. (2015) Ecad vitiliGONE. Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research 28, 376-377
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