Rare circulating cells

Dr Françoise Farace

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Rare circulating cells


  • CellSearch platform for CTC and CEC enrichment and detection
  • ISET filtration enrichment system for rare circulating cells (RareCells)
  • Parsortix enrichment microfluidic system for CTCs (Angle) 
  • VyCAP system for rare cell filtration 
  • Automated filtration system Versant kPCR for rare cells (Siemens) 
  • ARIOL scanner (LEICA microsystems) 
  • ARIOL stations for microscopy image analysis (LEICA microsystems)
  • Fluorescence microscope (Nikon)
  • Laser microdissecteur (LEICA microsystems)
  • Puncher (VyCAP) 
  • DEPArray (Menarini Silicon Biosystems)
  • Thermocycleur 2720 (Thermofisher) 
  • Thermocycleurs VERITI  (Thermofisher) 


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