UMR 9019

Head of the lab:
Patricia Kannouche

Contact :
Tel. : +33 (0)1 42 11 51 18

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UMR 9019

UMR 9019 - Genome Integrity and Cancers

The Genome Integrity and Cancers unit focuses its efforts on understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern the stability of the genome, one of the major areas of research at the Gustave Roussy Institute.

The teams in the unit conduct research on the biological processes that maintain and transmit genetic and epigenetic information to daughter cells, and the consequences of dysfunction on oncogenesis. The unit project aims (i) to better understand the molecular processes that regulate DNA replication and repair, mutagenesis, recombination, oxidative stress in response to DNA damage and the consequences on the cell cycle, ( ii) to characterize the molecular mechanisms involved in the genetic predisposition to cancers, (iii) to identify the mechanisms of resistance to cancer treatments that target DNA, and (iv) to determine the impact of genetic instability on the immune response.

This research mobilizes a wide range of experimental techniques in cell and molecular biology, in cell imaging, but also whole genome approaches in genomics and proteomics, in a continuum of biological models going from yeast to mammalian cells and to tumor samples when it is possible.

This Research Unit is subdivided into five teams:

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