CD8 T-cell immunity and immunotherapy in lung cancer

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Fathia Mami-Chouaib

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CD8 T-cell immunity and immunotherapy in lung cancer

Major publications

1. DJENIDI F, ADAM J, GOUBAR A, DURGEAU A, MEURICE G, DE MONTPREVILLE V, VALIDIRE P, BESSE B and MAMI-CHOUAIB F. CD8+/CD103+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes are tumor-specific tissue-resident memory T cells and a prognostic factor for survival in lung cancer patients. J Immunol. 2015 Apr 1;194(7):3475-86.

2. BOUTET M, GAUTHIER L, LECLERC M, GROS G, THÉRET N, DONNADIEU E, and MAMI-CHOUAIB F. TGF- signaling intersects with CD103 integrin signaling to promote T lymphocyte accumulation and antitumor activity in the lung tumor microenvironment. Cancer Res. 2016. 76:1757-69.

3. GAUTHIER L, CORGNAC S, BOUTET M, GROS G, VALIDIRE P, BISMUTH G and MAMI-CHOUAIB F. Paxillin binding to the cytoplasmic domain of CD103 promotes cell adhesion and effector functions of CD8+ resident memory T cells in tumors. Cancer Res 2017. Dec 15;77(24):7072-7082.

4. DURGEAU A, VIRK Y, GROS G, VOILIN E, CORGNAC S, DJENIDI F, SALMON J, ADAM J, DE MONTPREVILLE V, VALIDIRE P, FERRONE S, CHOUAIB S, EGGERMONT A, SORIA JC, LEMONNIER F, TARTOUR E, CHAPUT N, BESSE B and MAMI-CHOUAIB F. Human preprocalcitonin self-antigen generates TAP-dependent and -independent epitopes triggering optimized T-cell responses against immune-escaped tumors. Nature Commun. 2018. Nov 30;9(1):5097.

5. MAMI-CHOUAIB F, BLANC C*, CORGNAC S*, HANS S, MALENICA I, GRANIER C, TIHY I and TARTOUR E. Resident memory T cells, critical components in tumor immunology. J Immunother Cancer. 2018. 6(1):87. Invited Review.

6. CORGNAC S, BOUTET M, KFOURY M, NALTET C and MAMI-CHOUAIB F. The emerging role of CD8+ resident memory T (TRM) cells in antitumor immunity: a unique functional contribution of the CD103 integrin. Front Immunol. 2018. 15;9:1904. Invited Review.

7. LECLERC M, VOILIN* E, GROS* G, CORGNAC S, DE MONTPRÉVILLE V, VALIDIRE P, BISMUTH G and MAMI-CHOUAIB F. Neuropilin-1, an immune checkpoint for controlling tumour-specific CD8 T-cell functions whose blockade improves anti-PD-1 therapy. Nature Commun, 2019. Jul 26;10(1):3345.

8. MAMI-CHOUAIB F, Tartour E. Editorial: Tissue Resident Memory T Cells. Front Immunol. 2019 May 27;10:1018. Invited.

9. MAMI-CHOUAIB F and TARTOUR E. Invited Guest Editor and an e-book 2019 on Tissue Resident Memory T Cells.

10. LECLERC M, L MEZQUITA, G GUILLEBOT DE NERVILLE, I TIHY, I MALENICA, S CHOUAIB and MAMI-CHOUAIB F. Recent advances in lung cancer immunotherapy: input of T-cell epitopes associated with impaired peptide processing. Front Immunol. 2019. Jul 3;10:1505. Invited Review.


1. MAMI-CHOUAIB F, EL HAGE F, STROOBANT V and COULIE PG. Preprocalcitonin-derived peptide as a tumor rejection epitope. N° EP072907 77.7 Juin 2007. International extension: PCT/FR2008/000853; et PCT number: WO 2009/0108742010. Granted in 2012, 2013 and 2015 en Europe, USA, Australia, China, Japon and Canada.

2. MAMI-CHOUAIB F and DURGEAU A. Preprocalcitonin immunogenic peptides. Filed: 09-23-15. International application N° PCT/EP 2016/065733 filed in July 4th 2016, under priority of europeen patent request N° 15176174.9 filed July 9th 2015.

3. MAMI-CHOUAIB F, BISMUTH G and LECLERC M. Anti-neuropilin-1 combination therapy for treating cancer. European application Nov 2018, N°EP 18 209675.0. International application Dec 2019.


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