Cytometry and Imaging

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Head of platform
Pr Jean-Yves Scoazec (ad interim)

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Cytometry and Imaging

Microscopy - Activities

  • Theoretical classes and practical training in photonic microscopy technics   
  • Confocal and multiphoton imaging of cells and tissues
  • TIRF, live-SR, FRAP, FRET, Photoconversion, Optogenetics
  • Multidimensional dynamic imaging in living organs & 3D organoid models
  • Support for the development of new optical devices
  • Design of experimental procedures
  • Scientific animations
  • Technological developments and innovation
  • Imaging of organoid models
  • Development of tools for screening of organoid models.
  • Imaging of PDX* mouse models in vivo:
    • Adaptation of the optical chambers developed by the laboratory for long-term and high-resolution dynamic microscopy, on a PDX mouse model.
    • Improvement of stabilization supports for optical chambers, making it possible to avoid the recalibration of images during in vivo kinetic studies
    • Methodological developments for high-resolution imaging of new in vivo models (PDX and CAM - Chicken embryos): adaptation macroscopic, multiphoton and small animal imaging
    (*PDX=patient-derived xenograft models)


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