Chirurgie des tumeurs ORL / Tête et cou

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Dr Stéphane Témam

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Chirurgie des tumeurs ORL / Tête et cou

ENT Surgery

ENT cancer is frequently treated surgically.  In general, this applies to well-demarcated tumours. In addition to resecting the tumour and surrounding tissue, the surgeon also removes affected lymph nodes. Major advances have been made in this surgery and it is now frequently the case that in a single operation the tumour can be ablated, with tissue taken from nearby or elsewhere (flaps) being used to replace what has been removed.     

The Gustave Roussy ENT team has an international reputation in reconstructive surgery and in surgery for head and neck sarcomas such as:

  •  Osteosarcoma of the mandible and facial skeleton
  • Soft-tissue sarcomas (STM) of the head and neck 

For some tumours, transoral robot-assisted surgery employing the latest generation Da Vinci Xi apparatus is also performed at Gustave Roussy.

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