Gustave Roussy at ASCO 2017

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at ASCO Annual Meeting 2017

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Gustave Roussy at ASCO 2017

LATITUDE study: major results in metastatic prostate cancer


Prof. Karim Fizazi (Gustave Roussy) presents at ASCO 2017 the favorable results of the LATITUDE study, a phase III trial on next-generation hormonal therapy in metastatic prostate cancer patients. These results will likely change how these patients are being treated.

A new predictive test for the risk of relapse in kidney cancer


Dr Bernard Escudier (Gustave Roussy) presents at ASCO 2017 a phase III study, validating a new genetic signature of the risk of relapse of kidney cancer.


Long-term efficacy of pembrolizumab in advanced melanoma


Prof. Caroline Robert (Gustave Roussy) presents at ASCO 2017 the results of the KEYNOTE-006 study, showing long-term efficacy of pembrolizumab (anti PD-1) in advanced melanoma.


Gynecologic cancers may be immunotherapy-sensitive


Dr Antoine Hollebecque (Gustave Roussy) presents at ASCO 2017 a phase 1/2 study of nivolumab in patients with virus- associated tumors, showing that this immunotherapy may be a new effective therapy in these patients.


Lung cancer: benefits of liquid biopsy


Gustave Roussy presents at ASCO 2017 two studies showing the advantages of liquid biopsy (blood test) to detect genetic mutations in tumoral cells’ DNA in order to target the treatment and to monitor the disease. Prof. Benjamin Besse (Gustave Roussy, France) explanations.


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