Gynaecological cancer

Dr Patricia Pautier

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Gynaecological cancer

Request for a second medical opinion in gynaecology

An opinion on the case can only be obtained with the patient’s agreement; communication takes place between doctors.

The referring doctor or oncologist should send us a full summary of the case and reports on surgical procedures, histology examinations and hospital admissions when appropriate. This information is to be communicated only by fax to:   

  • +33 (0)1 42 11 52 14 for Medical Oncology
  • +33 (0)1 42 11 52 56 for Surgery
  • +33 (0)1 42 11 52 08 for Radiotherapy / Brachytherapy

The case notes will be studied by a doctor and, if necessary, the case will be presented at a multidisciplinary consultative meeting. The resulting medical opinion will be sent to the referring doctor within an interval of approximately 2 weeks. This interval may be longer if histological slides have to be reviewed.   

When the appropriate treatment cannot be carried out by the team managing the patient (novel drug, brachytherapy, etc.), a consultation at Gustave Roussy will be recommended. In other situations, the opinion will be based only on the documents received without any appointment at Gustave Roussy.  

Documents which have to be sent to us:

  • Surname, forename and date of birth of the patient,
  • A medical letter summarising the case,
  • Operation reports,
  • Histology report (diagnosis of the condition),
  • Results of imaging examinations already performed,
  • Laboratory test results (blood)


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