Chirurgie gynécologique

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Chirurgie gynécologique

Gynaecological surgery

At Gustave Roussy, more than 90% of patients undergoing surgery for uterine cancer (cervical cancer or cancer of the endometrium) have minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery. This applies both for surgery involving the uterus itself (simple or extended hysterectomy) and for removal of lymph nodes (node clearance). This surgical technique results in less pain than that experienced following laparotomy (opening of the abdomen), recovery is quicker and normal activities can be resumed earlier.     
Since early 2015, some of these procedures have been carried out with robotic assistance using the latest generation robot (Da Vinci® Xi). Gustave Roussy was the first hospital in France to acquire this instrument once it came on the market.

Ovarian cancer surgery is another area in which Gustave Roussy specialises. The quality of such surgery is the chief prognostic factor in ovarian cancer. This quality depends on the surgeon’s skill and on the surgical team. In fact, this condition frequently requires «non-gynaecological procedures» (involving the digestive tract and/or the diaphragm, for example). All of this is carried through by the department’s surgeons who have received training specific to such procedures.

The preservation of fertility in gynaecological cancer has been one of our areas of interest for 2 decades. It is thoroughly discussed whenever it may be safely envisaged and treatment allows.

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