Laboratory of Translational Research in Immunotherapy (LRTI)

Group leader
Pr Aurélien Marabelle

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Laboratory of Translational Research in Immunotherapy (LRTI)

Lab members

Aurélien Marabelle


Group leader:
Dr Aurélien Marabelle



  • Séverine Mouraud, MSc, Engineer
  • Delphine Bredel, MSc, Engineer
  • Sandrine Susini, PhD, Project Manager
  • François Xavier Danlos, MD/PhD, Clinical Fellow
  • Mathieu Rouanne, MD/PhD, Consultant
  • Lambros Tselikas, MD/PhD, Interventionnal Radiologist
  • Héloise Halse, MSc/PhD student in collaboration with Prof Olivier Hermine, Institut Imagine, Hopital Necker, AP-HP, Paris, France
  • Nael Alshatti, PhD student
  • Mélodie Bonvalet, PharmD/PhD, Project Manager
  • Aminata Drame, Technician
  • Cécile Geniez, Assistant
  • Romane Martineau, MSc student
  • Chifaou Mohamed-Djalim, clinical research associate
  • Léa Ouaknin, M2, Engineer
  • Visswa Ravindra, MSc student
  • Edi Tihic, MSc, Bioinformatician
  • Aleksei Tikhonov, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Pauline Vincent, MD, MSc student
  • Romane Martineau, MSc student


  • Amélie Bigorgne, PhD, as Project Manager
  • Baptiste Murgues, as Technician
  • Thomas Isoardo, MSc, as Engineer
  • Laurent Dercle, MD/PhD, as PhD student
  • Diane Letourneur, as MSc student
  • Masha Kuksin, en tant que MSc student
  • Jean Philippe Buffet, post doc/data scientist
  • Guillaume Escriou, MSc, as Engineer
  • Alice Rubinsztajn, MD, as MSc student
  • Sabrine Domiquin, Assistant
  • Felicie Giraud-Sauveur, as MSc student
  • Tina Miholjcic, MD Student, Training period



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