Strong participation of Gustave Roussy at the ESMO 2022 congress


The annual congress of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) will be held in Paris from September 9 to 13, 2022. This major cancer research event will present the main advances in clinical research. Gustave Roussy is one of the major players in this event and will, at this occasion, announce the launch of its Alumni network.

After two virtual editions, the ESMO congress is back as a physical event. Each year, it brings together more than 20,000 international cancer specialists: doctors, researchers, industrialists, and patient representatives. 

Gustave Roussy experts at the meeting 

Gustave Roussy's physician-researchers will participate in, lead or moderate several major sessions and highlights of the congress. Prof. Fabrice André, co-chairman of the scientific committee of the congress, will participate in the opening session, co-chair the presidential session on Saturday, September 10 and introduce one of the three keynote lectures. Dr. Suzette Delaloge, medical oncologist and Director of the Interception Program, will comment on a major study by Dr. Charles Swanton on the role of pollution on lung cancer. Two physicians from the Institute, Prof. Laurence Albiges and Dr. Bernard Escudier, are also co-authors of two studies presented in the presidential session.     

Two award-winning physician-researchers

Among the 4 prestigious awards given by ESMO, 2 are awarded this year to Gustave Roussy physicians-researchers.

Prof. Karim Fizazi, medical oncologist, receives the ESMO Award 2022 for his exceptional contribution to advances in prostate cancer and testicular cancer.  

Dr. Bernard Escudier, medical oncologist and specialist in the management of kidney cancer, receives the ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award for his lifetime achievement.  

Gustave Roussy's main presentations

This year, the Institute's physician-researchers will present 4 studies in proffered papers (oral sessions), 17 mini-orals and 37 posters. The 4 oral sessions will be held by :

  • Dr. Rayan Kabirian, who analyzed the impact of localized breast cancer treatments on induced amenorrhea and quality of life in non-menopausal women.
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  • Prof. Laurence Albiges will present the results of the phase II KEYNOTE-B61 study on the combination of immunotherapy and targeted therapy (anti-angiogenic) in the first-line treatment of non-clarified kidney cancer.
  • Dr. Antoine Hollebecque will present the first results in humans of an ultra-targeted therapy (FGFR2 gene) in patients with biliary tract cancer (ReFocus trial).
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  • Dr. Eric Baudin evaluated the efficacy of an innovative treatment: internal vectorized radiotherapy in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (OCLURANDUM trial). 
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Gustave Roussy creates its Alumni network

On the occasion of this congress bringing together cancer professionals from all over the world, some of whom were trained at Gustave Roussy, the Institute launches the Gustave Roussy Alumni. The aim is to build a collaborative and participative network that will be a catalyst for future projects.