Tumour immunology and immunotherapy

Group managers
Prof. Laurence Zitvogel

Dr. Sébastien Apcher

Secretariat :
Nathalie Malherbe
+ 33 (0)1 42 11 50 05

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Tumour immunology and immunotherapy

Lab members

Laurence Zitvogel

Group manager : Pr. Laurence ZITVOGEL (PU-PH Kremlin Bicêtre)

  • Nathalie MALHERBE, Assistant manager
  • Caroline FLAMENT, Laboratory Manager
  • Maria SEMEDO DE BRITO, Laboratory agent
  • Lisa DEROSA, Oncologist, MCU-PH clinical immunology
  • Marine FIDELLE, Pharmacist Assistant specialist at CLCC, Post-Doctoral student
  • Isabelle LEBHAR, Project Manager
  • Camille BIGENWALD, Practicing hematologist at CLCC, Post-doctoral student
  • Marie XIBERRAS, Laboratory technician
  • Mathias MARQUES, Laboratory technician
  • Eugénie PIZZATO, Research technician
  • Pierre LY, Laboratory technician
  • Cheick Oumar GUINDO, Clinical Project Manager
  • Carolina ALVES COSTA SILVA, Post-Doctoral student
  • Jianzhou CHEN, Post-Doctoral student
  • Rim ABDALLAH, Post-Doctoral student
  • Yasmine HASSANI, Post-Doctoral student
  • Ahmad IBRAHIM, Post-Doctoral student
  • Cassandra THELEMAQUE, Study engineer
  • Agathe CARRIER, PhD student
  • Simon THOMAS, PhD student
  • Roxanne BIREBENT, PhD student
  • Anne-Laure MALLARD DE LA VARENDE, PhD student
  • Déborah SUISSA, PhD student
  • Laura MARCOS, PhD student
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