Biological Resource Centre

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Prof. Jean-Yves Scoazec

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Biological Resource Centre

Activities of the Biological Resource Centre

The Biological Resource Centre (CRB) is charged with storage of all the patient tissue samples which are considered by clinicians to be useful. All of these patients have signed consent forms and samples of their plasma, serum and whole blood are also stored. In addition the CRB keeps samples of public health importance and those collected in clinical research projects.      
The CRB comprises two entities, the CRB-tissus and ET-EXTRA, another section. The combined unit is organised along the lines of a System of Quality Management which satisfies the requirements of norm NF S96-900: «Quality of CRBs». As such, it facilitates both fundamental and clinical research performed by the scientific teams.    

CRB-tissus Section 

As recommended by the OCDE, the CRB-tissus (Biological Resource Centre) receives biological specimens with their associated information, stores biological material, prepares the samples as requested by researchers and, if necessary, makes them available rapidly for clinical research in oncology.   
It participates actively in cancer research programmes and supports the desire of researchers to perfect diagnostic methods and therapies.

The CRB-tissus carries out its services while adhering to current legislation and regulations which govern scientific work performed on human biological material. The CRB-tissus also ensures that human rights are not infringed and undertakes to monitor the consent process of donors in relation to the use of specimens and the personal information associated with them.  

ET-EXTRA Section

The ET (Therapeutic Trial)-EXTRA (pre-analytical handling of fluids collected in therapeutic trials) section of the Laboratory of Translational Research is responsible for the care of biological material from patients participating in studies and for carrying out technical procedures according to the requirements described in the trial by the sponsor of studies which are approved by the CSET (Scientific Council for Therapeutic Trials). It is responsible for the knowledge and highly developed skills of its technical staff.
The ET-EXTRA Section works closely with the SORC (clinical research operational service) clinical research associates and with DITEP (department for therapeutic innovation and early trials).

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