Genomics and oncogenesis of childhood brain tumors

Group leader
Dr. Jacques Grill

Contact :
Dr David Castel
Tel. : +33.(0)

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Genomics and oncogenesis of childhood brain tumors

Genomics and oncogenesis of childhood brain tumors

This group belongs to the UMR 981 - Molecular predictors and new targets in oncology

The GOBT team is dedicated to understand the development mechanisms of pediatric brain tumors (in particular gliomas). We are looking for biological markers to identify these tumors more precisely, to understand their origin, to define their prognosis and to invent new treatments.

Research topics

The GOBT team is interested in the biology of malignant glial tumors, specifically those of the midline which share the same alteration in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression via the Polycomb 2 Repressor Complex. We use the analysis of the genome of primary tumors and the creation of original models (cultures of stem cells, organoids and intracerebral xenografts) to understand the fundamental aspects of these diseases, identify biomarkers for classification and prognostication, and finally discovering new therapeutic targets. Three areas of research on these glial tumors are particularly developed: the early stages of their oncogenesis, resistance to treatments, in particular radiotherapy, and the mechanisms of invasion.

Finally, research on the predispositions to childhood cancers, in particular brain tumors, is gradually being implemented in the team as part of the genetics project supported by the Gustave Roussy Foundation.

Génomique et oncogénèse des tumeurs cérébrales pédiatriques

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