Metabolomics platform

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Prof. Guido Kroemer

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Tel. : +33 (0)1 42 11 52 16

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Metabolomics platform

Metabolomics platform activities

Mass-spectrometry is the core technology of our facility enabling to measure all potential classes of metabolites for both exploratory and targeted approaches. 

Exploratory metabolomics profiling is performed on a high resolution mass spectrometer (HRMS) coupled to ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC).

Targeted metabolomics relies on multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) after separation by UHPLC, gas chromatography (GC), or ion mobility (SelexIon), depending on the properties of the metabolites of interest.

In either mode, we routinely analyse amino acids and derivatives, free fatty acids, acylcarnitines, nucleotides, co-factors, vitamins, neutral lipids, and components of the glycolysis/Krebs cycle pathways, tri/di/mono-acylglyceride. 

Our methods are applied to several types of extracted biological samples in a clinicial and pre-clinical setting, such as biofluids, fecal contents and tissues from human cohorts, animal experiments or cells in culture (adherent or in suspension).

An innovative Mass Spectrometry Imaging allows platform to perform unbiased analysis of metabolites spatially resolved, on both tissues and cultured cells.

The facility integrates all activities required in any metabolomics project, from cell/tissue extraction, metabolite detection and measurement, data analysis and interpretation of the results.

Services provided

  • Unbiased profilling of biological samples by UHPLC/Orbitrap.
  • Semi-quantitative analysis of large panels of endogenous metabolites.
  • Structural elucidation by High Resolution MS.
  • Research of drug metabolism products by High Resolution MS.
  • Quantitative analysis of candidate metabolites.
  • Guiding scientists during the pre- and post-analytical steps of the metabolomic workflow .
  • Help in defining questions and experimental design to answer them.
  • Data processing of profilling experiments by in-house tools.
  • Implementation of adapted sample extraction protocols.
  • Statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and integration of metabolomics data.
  • Data results integrated and ready for statistical analysis.
  • Support for biological interpretation in the context of the experiment.


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