The Data Science Programme

Cancer is a complex disease. It is vital to cross-reference the opinions of professionals in the various care and research disciplines (oncologists, biologists, geneticists, anatomopathologists and radiologists, etc.) in order to gain the most comprehensive overview and offer each patient the best therapeutic option or direct them towards an appropriate clinical trial. The aim of the "DATA SCIENCE" programme is to draw on a large volume of data relating to the diagnosis and management of previously treated patients to facilitate comparison.

Programme Interval - Journée de transition

La journée de transition

La journée de transition est une journée d’information et d’interactions qui est proposée à tous les patients qui viennent de terminer leur traitement initial du cancer du sein.

Elle est organisée autour d’ateliers en petits groupes et d'une consultation individuelle. Les principaux thèmes abordés sont : l’organisation du suivi ultérieur, l’hormonothérapie, la nutrition, l’activité physique, les aspects psychologiques et la sexualité après cancer.

Cell Biology of Organelle Networks team - Publications

Recent publications

  • Lachuer H, Le L, Lévêque-Fort S, Goud B, Schauer K*. Spatial organization of lysosomal exocytosis relies on membrane tension gradients. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2023 Feb 21;120(8):e2207425120. doi: 10.1073/pnas.2207425120.

Cell Biology of Organelle Networks

Cell Biology of Organelle Networks: Towards a high resolution map of the cancer cell

This group belongs to the UMR 1279 - Tumor cell dynamics

Biologie Cellulaire des Réseaux d’Organites

Translational Research in Hematology - main publications

Main publications

Translational Research in Hematology Platform - Team members

Team members

  • Head of the platform: Stéphane De Botton, M.D.
  • Lab manager: Cyril Quivoron, PhD (
  • Marjorie Sabourin-Cousin, Technician
  • Chaima Habib Allah, Technician




Translational Research in Hematology Platform


Reception and qualification of biological samples collected from patients with hematological malignancies treated at Gustave Roussy.  Translational research projects are addressed after validation by lab steering committee. Research projects are proposed by the Hematology Committee or DITEP members; contracts are validated by Gustave Roussy Transfert.

Real-Life Trials in Oncology Programme

Real-Life Trials in Oncology Programme

Call for Applications 2023

A joint call between Gustave Roussy Foundation and CRIS Cancer Foundation. 

Gustave Roussy's medical-scientific programmes

Gustave Roussy's medical-scientific programmes

As part of its "Gustave Roussy 2030" strategic plan, the Institute has identified ten flagship programmes aimed at specifically transforming cancer care through research. These programmes are based on the clinical, translational and fundamental research activities carried out by the Gustave Roussy teams.