Bioinformatics core facility - major publications

Bioinformatics core facility - Major publications

  • Nguyen-Khac, F. et al. Acquisition of TCF3 and CCND3 Mutations and Transformation to Burkitt Lymphoma in a Case of B-Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia. Hemasphere 5, e563 (2021).
  • Mazzi, S. et al. Dual role of EZH2 on megakaryocyte differentiation. Blood blood.2019004638 (2021) doi:10.1182/blood.2019004638.
  • Kuksin, M. et al. Applications of single-cell and bulk RNA sequencing in onco-immunology. Eur J Cancer 149, 193–210 (2021).

Laboratory for Immunomonitoring in Oncology - Publications

Main publications

  • Loriot Y, Marabelle A, Guégan JP, Danlos FX, Besse B, Chaput N, Massard C, Planchard D, Robert C, Even C, Khettab M, Tselika L, Friboulet L, André F, Nafia I, Le Loarer F, Soria JC, Bessede A, Italiano A. Plasma proteomics identifies Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) as a novel predictive biomarker of immune-checkpoint blockade resistance. Ann Oncol. 2021 Aug 17:S0923-7534(21)03978-8. doi: 10.1016/j.annonc.2021.08.1748. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34416362.

Plateforme Cellules Circulantes Rares - Publications

Major publications

Rare circulating cells - Team members

Team members

  • Head of the platform
    Françoise Farace, PhD/HDR

  • Engineer
    Patrycja Pawlikowska, PhD,

  • Engineer
    Marianne Oulhen

  • Technician
    Agathe Aberlenc

  • PhD student
    Tala Tayoun



Rare circulating cells - Equipments


  • CellSearch platform for CTC and CEC enrichment and detection
  • ISET filtration enrichment system for rare circulating cells (RareCells)
  • Parsortix enrichment microfluidic system for CTCs (Angle) 
  • VyCAP system for rare cell filtration 
  • Automated filtration system Versant kPCR for rare cells (Siemens) 
  • ARIOL scanner (LEICA microsystems) 
  • ARIOL stations for microscopy image analysis (LEICA microsystems)
  • Fluorescence microscope (Nikon)
  • Laser microdissecteur (LEICA microsystems)

Rare circulating cells Platform


The platform is dedicated to the analysis of rare blood cell components such as circulating tumor cells (CTC) and circulating endothelial cells / progenitors (CEC / CEP), used as biomarkers in clinical trials.

The Interval Programme

Surviving cancer is an increasingly common occurrence. Yet the long-term consequences of the disease and its treatment have not been investigated and managed to adequate extent. With its Interval medical-scientific programme dedicated to post-cancer care, Gustave Roussy aims to prevent treatment-related sequelae and to give each patient in remission the hope of continuing quality of life.

Cell division and genomic stability - Lab members

Lab members

  • Olivier GAVET (MCU-HC, responsable)
  • Vicente LEBREC (Doctorant, U. Paris Saclay)
  • Marion Poteau (Doctorante, U. Paris-Saclay)
  • Jean Philippe MORRETTON (Ingénieur d’études)
  • Stacy FOULANE (Master 2, U. Claude Bernard – Lyon I)

Cell division and genomic stability - publications

Major publications