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Gustave Roussy n'assure que les urgences des patients pris en charge à l'Institut.
Urgences uniquement : +33 (0)1 42 11 50 00

1er centre de lutte contre le cancer en Europe, 3 000 professionnels mobilisés

Etudes et Recherche en Economie de la Santé

Julia Bonastre

Tél. :+33 (0)1 42 11 62 77

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Etudes et Recherche en Economie de la Santé

Publications Etudes et Recherche en Economie de la Santé 2016

  1. Pagès A, Foulon S, Zou Z, Lacroix L, Lemare F, de Baère T, Massard C, Soria JC, Bonastre J. The cost of molecular-guided therapy in oncology: a prospective cost study alongside the MOSCATO trial. Genetics in Medicine 2016
  2. Benhamou S, Bonastre J, Groussard K, Radvanyi F, Allory Y, Lebret T. A prospective multicenter study on bladder cancer: the COBLAnCE cohort. BMC Cancer. 2016;16(1):837.
  3. Delaloge S, Bonastre J, Borget I, Garbay JR, Fontenay R, Boinon D, Saghatchian M, Mathieu MC, Mazouni C, Rivera S, Uzan C, André F, Dromain C, Boyer B, Pistilli B, Azoulay S, Rimareix F, Bayou EH, Sarfati B, Caron H, Ghouadni A, Leymarie N, Canale S, Mons M, Arfi-Rouche J, Arnedos M, Suciu V, Vielh P, Balleyguier C. The challenge of rapid diagnosis in oncology: economic and diagnosis accuracy of a large-scale one-stop breast clinic. European journal of cancer 2016;66:131-7.
  4. Lassau N, Coiffier B, Kind M, Vilgrain V, Lacroix J, Cuinet M, Taieb S, Aziza R, Sarran A, Labbe-Devilliers C, Gallix B, Lucidarme O, Ptak Y, Rocher L, Caquot LM, Chagnon S, Marion D, Luciani A, Feutray S, Uzan-Augui J, Benatsou B, Bonastre J, Koscielny S. Selection of an early biomarker for vascular normalization using Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography to predict outcomes of metastatic patients treated with bevacizumab. Ann Oncol. 2016 [Epub ahead of print]
  5. Marguet S, Mazouni C, Ramaekers BL, Dunant A, Kates R, Jacobs VR, Joore MA,Harbeck N, Bonastre J. European cost-effectiveness study of uPA/PAI-1 biomarkers to guide adjuvant chemotherapy decisions in breast cancer. Eur J Cancer. 2016;63:168-79.
  6. Remon J, Bonastre J, Besse B. The 5000% case: a glimpse into the financialissue of lung cancer treatment. Eur Respir J. 2016;47(5):1331-3.
  7. Ouldamer L, Bonastre J, Brunet-Houdard S, Body G, Giraudeau B, Caille A. Dead space closure with quilting suture versus conventional closure with drainage for the prevention of seroma after mastectomy for breast cancer (QUISERMAS): protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open 2016;6(4):e009903.
  8. Lueza L, Rotolo F, Bonastre J, Pignon JP, Michiels S. Bias and precision of methods for estimating the difference in restricted mean survival time from an individual patient data meta-analysis. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2016; 29;16(1):37.
  9. Lueza B, Mauguen A, Pignon JP, Rivero-Arias O, Bonastre J. Difference in Restricted Mean Survival Time for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Using Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis: Evidence from a Case Study. PLoS One 2016 ;11(3):e0150032.
  10. Rococo E, Mazouni C, Or Z, Mobillion V, Koon Sun Pat M, Bonastre J. Variation in rates of breast cancer surgery: A national analysis based on French Hospital Episode Statistics. Eur J Surg Oncol 2016;42(1):51-8.
  11. Chouaid C, Borget I, Braun E, Bazil ML, Schaetz D, Rémuzat C, Toumi M. French Health Technology Assessment of Antineoplastic Drugs Indicated in the Treatment of Solid Tumours: Perspective for Future Trends. Target Oncol. 2016;11(4):515-34
  12. Freyer G, Scotte F, Borget I, Bruyas A, Vainchtock A, Chouaid C. Clinical burden caused by hospitalization for febrile neutropenia in France in 2010-2011: An analysis of the PMSI database. Bull Cancer. 2016;103(6):552-60.
  13. Martelli N, van den Brink H, Borget I. New French Coverage with Evidence Development for Innovative Medical Devices: Improvements and Unresolved Issues. Value Health. 2016 Jan;19(1):17-9.
  14. Martelli N, Hansen P, van den Brink H, Boudard A, Cordonnier AL, Devaux C, Pineau J, Prognon P, Borget I. Combining multi-criteria decision analysis and mini-health technology assessment: A funding decision-support tool for medical devices in a university hospital setting. J Biomed Inform. 2016 Feb;59:201-8.
  15. Billaux M, Borget I, Prognon P, Pineau J, Martelli N. Innovative medical devices and hospital decision making: a study comparing the views of hospital pharmacists and physicians. Aust Health Rev. 2016;40(3):257-61.


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